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Our Story

Standard Cufflink was founded on one sensible objective: to deliver magnificent cufflinks at revolutionary prices.


All of us here had a fumbling experience buying our first pair of cufflinks. Traversing department stores to gentlemen brands we generally confronted horribly designed cufflinks. On the chance an encounter was made with a well-designed pair, the cost was well beyond what could be justified.


The same options were faced by friends:

  1. Pay less for a grotesquely designed and made cufflink; or
  2. Pay an offensive amount for a pair of appealing cufflinks


Where was the happy medium that is frankly, expected? Surely this can be improved.


Standard Cufflink was started to provide the goldilocks solution.


By designing cufflinks in-house, curating selections from Sydney, Australia and directly engaging with customers, we’re able to provide quality cufflinks at affordable prices.


We live and breathe our cufflinks and take great pride in wearing each design to make sure they're right for you.


We’re making it simple and pleasant so all you have to do is choose the right cufflinks to go with your outfit and look handsome.